Saturday, January 26, 2013

Honeymoon Edition: Bombay & Goa

After our last post, we journeyed by plane from Delhi to Bombay!  We were surprised at how much we enjoyed Bombay.  Among other funtivities, we ate lunch at a delicious seafood restaurant, Apoorva, in the Fort district.  Shrimp in spicy red curry, with fresh lime juice.  After the meal, they considerately give you tiny bowls in which to wash your hands ... but they didn't count on John's hands.  

Wandering the streets of Bombay, we indulged in some sugar cane juice.  Gross green color, but mildly sweet, delightful taste!

Not yet knowing the reason why, we encountered several members of a marching band, frantically waiving down taxis on Marine Drive and then piling into the tiny cars, 4 or 5 at a time, with their instruments!  

About 20 minutes later, we realized that the destination of the musicians was an elaborate wedding!  They surrounded the groom and his friends and family as they marched to the wedding venue in a traditional pre-wedding ceremony.  The music was loud and awesome!  These guys played their hearts out!

Huge crowd for the wedding.  Per tradition, the groom is seated on a horse at this juncture.  That's because it's his last chance to run away.  

Gorgeous Marine Drive, the Western edge of Bombay, at sunset.

That night, we took an overnight bus from Bombay to Goa.  We were lucky to get the very back of the bus as our "bed," because the space was about 7 feet long BUT the disadvantage was a bright light shining on us all night!  We used our last two band-aids and the remaining pages of our itinerary to make an emergency shade.

Finally, we've arrived at Calangute beach in Goa!  Our hotel, a "heritage house," leftover from the Portugese colonization of Goa (which was from the 15th century-ish to 1961!), is beautiful and relaxing!

Our first walk on the stunning beach.

Indians and tourists alike love to enjoy the beaches of Goa!

The front yard of our hotel.

Koi pond inside the hotel.

Not content to lounge on the beach ALL day, we ventured into Panjim (capital city of the state of Goa) to celebrate India's Republic Day (anniversary of the signing of the Constitution).  Here's John at a Portugese church.

Bex in front of a Portugese-style house in Panjim.

Bascilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, the former capital.  Remains of St. Francis of Xavier, who spread Christianity to India, reside here and are shown to the public once every 10 years.  We did not happen to hit on that date, unfortunately.

John having an Indiana Jones moment with the cool floor in the adjacent Cathedral.

Lunch is served!  Palak paneer (green thing), pork vindaloo (red thing), naan, and fresh-squeezed watermelon juice.  Yum!

 Mere minutes later.  So good!

Gazing out at the beach from "our table" at our favorite lunch spot, Souza Lobo, here in Goa.

"I hope 20 minutes after eating goes by quickly so I can jump in that ocean!"

Super-crowded beach (and plenty of boozing) for Republic Day.


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